Payroll support you and your company can trust.

Our team has worked in the Canadian payroll software business since 1986.  Our experience spans most elements of payroll software from design and development to installation and configuration, customer support and payroll operations. 

As a member of the Canadian Payroll Association, we work directly with the Federal government to help shape the direction of payroll legislation in Canada. 




01. Ensure legislative compliance of your payroll system

Through our work with the Canadian Payroll Association, our team has directly influenced payroll legislation and regulations in taxation, yearend reporting, EI and CPP regulations, etc.  We bring this extensive background directly to benefit you.

02. Align the SAP payroll system to your corporate reality

Every employer is unique.  Having worked in many distinct industries, PAYattention Consulting has aligned the SAP payroll system to the many realities of Canadian payroll requirements.  

03. Develop Efficient and Effective customer payroll operations

Getting your payroll right is top of mind for payroll professions.  Getting it right in the most Efficient and Effective way is where we can help.  Knowing the latest legislative opportunities and SAP features can help you maximize your team.




Kim LaPierre, CPM

Kim is a career payroll software professional with over 30 years’ experience in the payroll software world.  

Kim has been actively engaged in full Payroll/HR implementation projects in the roles of: Payroll Consultant, Team Lead, Project Manager, Executive Steering Committee member and Consulting Manager.

In his nine years as SAP Canada’s Payroll Product Manager, Kim was responsible for determining the product direction and roadmap, analyzing and prioritizing requirements, developing functional specifications and working as a liaison between SAP customers, SAP development and the Canadian federal government.

Kim also works extensively with the Canadian Payroll Association as a member and as Chair of the Federal Government Relations Advisory Council and as a Chair or member of several other subcommittees (tax simplification, eROE subcommittee, EI Administration Review task force and the Payroll Service Provider/Software vendor subcommittee).